LA Micro Group UK Ltd. Brexit statement

New LA Micro Group office and warehouse established in Ireland

Update, January 2021:

As has been widely reported by UK and European media, Brexit has undoubtedly caused issues with shipments to and from the UK and European countries.

Much like many thousands of other businesses, some shipments to LA Micro Group’s European customers were impacted by these delays in early January.

However, with the support of our logistics partners, our teams quickly adapted to these challenges and we are successfully shipping to ALL customers once again. Our supply chains remain robust and we continue to achieve rapid delivery across the globe.

We encourage any customer who has questions or concerns regarding shipping, tax, or anything else to contact their account manager, or call +44 (0) 1753 625 111

We would also like to thank our European customers for their continued support and understanding.


The UK officially left the EU on 31st January 2020, entering a transition period whereby it continues to follow existing EU rules whilst negotiations for a new trading deal take place.

This transition period ends on 31st December 2020.

If a new trading deal has not been agreed by this time, the UK and EU will revert to World Trade Organisation rules, which will mean changes to the customs processes and import/export charges all goods are subject to.

In the event of a “No-Deal Brexit”, the UK government has assured businesses that adoption of the WTO rules will be phased in during 2021. However, many of our EU customers are rightly concerned at how their custom with UK companies may be affected immediately after 31st December.

Our preparations

Like many businesses across the UK, LA Micro Group has made comprehensive preparations to ensure our services to EU and global customers remain unaffected, no matter the outcome of trading deal negotiations.

Our primary office and warehouse in Windsor, UK, will continue to be our central operation. We are confident that our ability to receive and supply stock to and from this facility will NOT be impacted.

As an additional precautionary measure, a brand-new office and warehouse operation was established earlier this year in Dublin, Ireland. LA Micro Hardware Solutions Ltd. will operate within the same trading zone as our EU customers, meaning we can be certain that those customers will be served just as effectively as they are now.

The movement of stock between all our sites has been optimised, with any chance of delays to transfer of hardware between UK and Ireland mitigated, and substantial stockholdings at each location. Thanks to this, we can assure our EU customers that any delays to their orders will be negligible. We are confident that the same-day dispatch, next-day delivery our customers have come to expect will still be achievable on most orders.

Thanks to the strong, long-established relationships we enjoy with our network of suppliers, all supply chains remain robust. We are also working closely with our shipping partners, who are well-prepared to mitigate any impact to customs and transport processes.

Overall, we would like to reassure all EU customers that your service from LA Micro Group UK Ltd. and its divisions will remain unaffected, no matter the outcome of trading deal negotiations.

We continue to monitor all updates and review our responses to the ongoing situation.

We encourage any customer or trading partner who may have concerns to get in touch, otherwise we look forward to continued business with all in 2021.

Update, 21st December 2020: Changes to taxes and deliveries for EU customers


From 1st January 2021, UK VAT will not be charged on any orders placed by our EU customers (companies or private individuals).

All orders will still be shipped as normal, with our shipping partners using standard DAP (Delivered at Place) terms.

Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, you will be contacted by the relevant shipping company to pay any tax and/or import charges required. Taxes and import charges are set by and applicable to the customer’s country.

Customers are responsible for paying any duties and taxes incurred at any point of import. EU VAT registered businesses will be able to reclaim VAT paid.

Bytestock (a trading style of LA Micro Group UK Ltd.) will not be liable for any duties and taxes incurred.

Mainland Europe delivery charges

From 1st January 2021, orders placed on the website by our EU and mainland European customers will no longer qualify for free standard delivery.

This change to our free delivery offer will be regularly reviewed and we hope to begin offering free delivery to mainland Europe again soon.


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