British Science Week

British Science Week

British Science Week - 5th - 14th March 2021

British Science Week is a weeklong celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. Coordinated by the British Science Association and funded by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the British Science Week helps to celebrate the diverse people and careers in science and engineering.

As British Science Week highlights the importance of technology and engineering, LA Micro would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the different technologies we have within our business. We offer so many different pieces of hardware, software and configurations. With our engineering team fixing, refurbishing and configuring solutions to fit our customers’ needs.

Let’s explore our divisions’ technologies:

Yello Telecoms

Yello is our telecommunications division. Home to a huge range of software and hardware, Yello provides a voice solution for UK businesses.

For every network, cabling or broadband solution Yello provides, one of their Operation Managers has designed the entire system. This team of engineering experts ensures that Yello can not only give the BEST solution to customer’s requirements, but also ensures that it’s top-quality, optimised for day to day running, and future-proofed for longevity.

With a mixture of technology available, such as fibre cabling, CCTV, phone, and mobile contracts, the Yello team can give you the best result for your business. They’re all trained in the broadest range of systems and experts in the latest telecoms technology.


Bytestock offers refurbished IT hardware, at prices up to 70% of MSRP. From individual servers through to complete workstations and storage.

The engineering team at Bytestock are specialists in IT hardware and rigorously test and verify every piece of kit that comes into the warehouse. This guarantees that everything Bytestock sells is top quality, as good, if not better than new. Taken through a two-test routine, the hardware is tested before Bytestock sends it out to you, too.

Being IT specialists, they can also design and configure IT to suit each individual customer’s exact requirements. Giving a solution made to match your needs.

Without our division’s engineering teams, LA Micro wouldn’t be able to offer such unique, bespoke solutions to match our customers’ needs and requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about Yello or Bytestock, visit their websites here.

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