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Yello Telecoms Division

Meet Yello

Yello is the telecommunications division of the group and the UK’s brightest telecoms provider. Supplying businesses across the nation with complete communications solutions. We’re lucky enough to use a range of the services across the group, too. Powering the communications of our teams across Bytestock, LA Direct Solutions and the rest of the group. 

Yello has been designing, installing, and maintaining communication networks for over 20 years. Starting as a small company based in Leicester and growing the business to meet the significant communications demands of small, medium and large enterprise businesses across the UK. 

Why choose Yello?

By partnering with some of the world’s biggest and best wholesale service platforms, Yello has developed a comprehensive suite of services. So, they can provide customers with a complete telecommunications solution. From network cabling installation through to IP CCTV and fibre broadband.

With a team of experienced engineers, Yello has faced all types of telecoms challenges and been able to resolve, fix and future-proof networks. With network design technology, Yello can install fibre and phone lines within listed buildings through to city office blocks. Utilising the best spots for routers and access points.  

What does Yello do?

Yello is best known for their phone systems but they have a lot of services on offer. The great thing about all the solutions Yello provides is the connection between them all. Every solution Yello offers work together to enhance your voice and data services 

Here’s what Yello has on offer:

All Yello’s phone systems are Voice over Internet Protocol, so they’re kitted with the latest technology for future-proof systems. Whether you’re after an on-site solution or hosted system dependent on your business size and requirements, Yello can give guidance and find your perfect telephony solution.  

Yello’s business mobile phone contracts are with either O2 or Vodafone to ensure you get the best provider for your area. With all contracts coming under three categories, you can give your staff the data, texts and minutes required. Choose between standard monthly business mobile contracts, pay monthly SIM only or Business Sharers to spread the services 

The latest CCTV camera solutions, using Internet Protocol to record security footage in full HD and 4k, for the best quality video and imagery. Yello’s IP CCTV cameras are quick and easy to install and cost a lot less than the more traditional analogue systems. Featuring remote viewingtriggered alerts, and even recognition capabilities too. 

When helping you decide on the ideal broadband and fibre package for your business, Yello will take into consideration your business size, employees, and speed requirements. They can then recommend and find the bandwidth and speed your business will realistically need. Yello’s broadband packages come in a range of specification, including ADSL, FTTC, FTTP and even dedicated leased line.  

The physical cabling of a network is the lifeline of a business’ communication system, so it needs to be set up correctly and efficiently for years of everyday use. Yello will design your business’ entire network! As well as managing your cable management, identification systems and heat-shrink tubing to ensure your network is running smoothly.  

eve is the software used to power your business communications. Sitting on your employee’s desktop or mobile phones, eve is your phone system, instant messenger, calendar, and collaboration tool, all in one. Yello offer eve licences to accompany their services, so your business is set up for office and home working.  

Who to speak to?

If you’re looking to update your telecommunication systems, or you’d just like to find out a bit more, give Yello a call on +44 (0) 116 224 4000 or email

Visit their website to find out more.

Yello Telecoms

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