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National Clean up your Computer Month

Thursday, 17 January 2019 12:00:00 Europe/London

Clean up your computer month banner la micro

Did you know January is Clean up your Computer Month?

For IT enthusiasts, there are few better feelings than firing up a brand new piece of kit and experiencing its raw power. However, after a while, time takes its toll and it feels like the whole system is steadily grinding to a halt.

But before you start looking around for a brand new machine to solve all of your problems, try these 4 easy and quick ways to clean up your system without having to break the bank.

1 - Uninstall any programmes you don’t use

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Uninstalling any programmes that you haven’t touched in months clears up space on your hard drive, making it easier to track down anything you do need and helping to increase the general speed of your system.

With increasing numbers of cloud-based applications available, it’s also worth seeing if some of your programmes can be replaced with web-only alternatives.

2 - Delete any files that you don’t need

As you work your way around your computer, you’ll likely come across files you don’t even remember creating. Ask yourself, do I really need these? Or am I just hoarding them for the sake of it? If so (and as long as they’re not vital to your system running!), delete them. This can open space on your system, allowing you to find more important files more easily.

If you suddenly think you’ve deleted something in error, you can find those files in the recycle bin (but not forever!).

3 - Empty your recycle bin

Speaking of the recycle bin, while sending those unwanted files to it can do your computer the world of good, letting the files build up will eventually begin to affect your systems overall performance. If your recycle bin is looking a little bit full, go through it, and clear up things you really do not need.

To empty your recycle bin, start by right clicking on the bin’s icon on the desktop and click "Empty Recycle Bin." You’ll be asked if you actually want to permanently delete these files. By clicking “Yes,” your computer will get rid of these unwanted files for good, cleaning up space on your computer. Just be sure you definitely want these files gone for good, as there is no going back.

If you’d like to both free-up space and be doubly sure you’re not deleting something you’ll regret losing, why not back up your system on an external hard drive? Doing so is something we’d highly recommend anyway, and large capacity external drives have never been more affordable.

4 - Install more RAM

Random Access Memory is a key part of your computer’s brainpower – the more it has, the more tasks it can do at once. Installing more RAM can be just the boost your system needs and it can be done yourself or installed by a professional for a reasonable fee.

If you do decide to install it yourself, be sure to check exactly which type of RAM your system needs and look for an installation guide specific to your system. Also, follow all usual electronic precautions, such as grounding yourself to avoid any static charge disrupting components.

5 - Physically clean your PC

You may not see or notice it, but dust settles around, on and in your PC every day. Computers produce heat, but the heat is countered with several small fans within the machine itself. These can then in the long term, begin to suck in any dust around the area. You may be thinking, what harm can a bit of dust do to a fan? Well, if too much gets into the fans, they can get clogged up and become inefficient, and maybe even stop working all together. The dust could also begin acting as an insulator, causing the PC to heat up at a faster rate than usual.

Cleaning your computer is again something easily done yourself, but be sure to follow precautions and guides for your system.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a machine that keeps on running for as long as you need it to.

Comments | Posted in Industry News By Michael Brown

LA Micro Group (UK) Ltd. is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Leicester based Telecoms company Yello Communications, which was completed on 28th April 2017.

Yello has been providing services to its customer base for over two decades and has built a strong reputation in the marketplace. The acquisition will allow LA Connect to offer an extended range of telecoms products and services to their customer base which will include data and voice installation, network services and a comprehensive maintenance service covering the broadest range of systems. Watch this space for more info coming soon.

Comments | Posted in Company News By Laura Cairns

LA Micro sponsors The Windsor Boys School sports teams

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 16:38:00 Europe/London

LA Micro are proud to be supporting The Windsor Boy’s School with a two-year sponsorship of all sports activities including their rugby, football, hockey and cricket teams as well as sponsorship of The Windsor Boy’s School Boat Club during the regatta season.

As part of the ongoing affiliation, LA Micro are providing summer placement opportunities at their premises in Windsor for some students who are interested in an IT and technical based career giving them exposure to a commercial environment and some experience in a technical based role.

Comments | Posted in Company News By Laura Cairns

Epic Marathon Des Sables race

Friday, 28 April 2017 09:25:00 Europe/London

LA Micro’s own Rochelle Bell took on a grueling endurance event, The Marathon Des Sables in April which saw her run 258km’s over six days, in temperatures of 50 degree Celsius, whilst carrying her entire 7kg’s kit bag.

On day four of the challenge, Rochelle completed the equivalent of two marathons – over 86km’s – in just one day crossing the line at 2:57am after 18 and a half hours of consistent running! Rochelle completely smashed it and completed the challenge finishing 595th out of 1200, 69th out of 233 women and 11th out of 50 in her age group!

LA Micro supported the cause from November by donating £10 for every server that was sold to the fundraising efforts, donating almost £5,000.

A fantastic total of over £13,500 was raised by Rochelle for both Brain Tumour Research and The Mulberry Centre, cancer care in Isleworth.

Comments | Posted in Company News By Alex Latham

LA Micro placed in the prestigious Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100

Sunday, 26 February 2017 08:53:00 Europe/London

LA Micro is delighted to have been placed at number 67 in The Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 which was published on Sunday 26th February.

The league table ranks Britain’s top 100 small and medium-sized companies with the fastest growing international sales of between £5m and £25m in their last financial year. With a 45.09% international sales growth per annum over the last two financial years, and international sales of over £9m in 2015-2016, LA Micro was ranked at number 67.

Appearing in The Sunday Times SME Export Track 100 recognises LA Micro’s continual growth over the past four years and follows an appearance at number 87 in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 in 2014. LA Micro has grown significantly since being established in 2004, having quadrupled the size of its premises and tripled its workforce in the past four years achieving a forecasted turnover of £24 million in 2016-17.

Comments | Posted in Company News By Laura Cairns

Hajar 50…the final race before the big one

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 12:01:03 Europe/London

With only two months left to go until the epic Marathon Des Sables race, Rochelle under took her final challenge before the big one in the shape of The Urban-Ultra Hajar 50 in Dubai. Starting her day at 1am, and ascending 3000 meters continuously throughout the race, she relentlessly ran along a mountain top head on into high winds and mini sand storms! Rochelle completed the 50km run through mountain passes, jeep tracks, sand dunes and boulder ravines in 10 hours and 8 minutes.

Next stop…the Marathon Des Sables.

Comments | Posted in Company News By Laura Cairns

Investors In People

Monday, 14 November 2016 13:47:04 Europe/London

More great news at LA Micro this week, we have been accredited with the internationally recognised Investors in People standard which acknowledges excellence in people management, and our commitment to continually support our workforce and make LA Micro a great place to work. Following a series of assessments – which we were delighted to score above the national average on all summary indicators – we were awarded the accreditation in acknowledgement of the investment we make to our staff and the ways we work towards making the workplace, processes and procedures even better than they already are!

We’re delighted that our company ethos has now been officially recognised.

Comments | Posted in Company News By James Richardson

Amazon Growing Business Award

Monday, 14 November 2016 13:46:08 Europe/London

Amazon Finalist

LA Micro are excited to have been shortlisted for an Amazon Growing Business Award in the Growing Business of the Year: Small Company (Turnover £11m-£25m) category.

The award winners will be announced during a VIP evening at The Brewery in London on 30th November. A team from LA Micro will attend the evening that will see the best of UK’s business celebrate their successes.

The awards are the UK’s most established and respected recognition of SME and entrepreneurial success and previous winners include Innocent Drinks, Betfair and Love Film.

Wish us luck!

Comments | Posted in Company News By James Richardson

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