World Wi-Fi Day – 20th June 2021

World Wi-Fi Day is a global initiative to recognise the significant role that Wi-Fi plays in our everyday lives. Highlighting how communities, people and countries stay connected.

Wi-Fi helps us reach our goals, through economic growth, social mobility and education. While the world being so connected is a relatively new prospect, the benefits we’ve all experienced through this development have been astonishing.

Each year, World Wi-Fi Day is celebrated by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, including AT&T, Cisco, Comcast, Google and Intel and all the large wireless service providers. The day focuses on accelerating the push for affordable wireless connectivity around the world.

On World Wi-Fi Day, we’d like to highlight our telecommunications division, Yello.

Yello provides fibre broadband to UK businesses. Offering a range of connection types, from FTTC through to leased lines. Giving you a reliable Wi-Fi connection from a strong, fibre router within your premises.

With a strong Wi-Fi connection, you remove the need for each desk set up and each computer having an ethernet cable. Reducing the amount of networking and cabling you need within your business premises as employees connect to the Wi-Fi instead.

Yello's solutions

Yello doesn’t just provide fibre broadband for your business, so you can stay connected at all times. Yello offers the complete connectivity and communication solution.

Whatever your requirements are, the engineers at Yello will plan and design the entire connectivity route and floor plan to ensure whatever fibre connection you choose to go with, will provide each employee with the best connection possible.

After they’ve designed your broadband solution, they’ll find the best technology available and install your new network. No third parties involved, Yello complete it all themselves. Even after installation and set-up is complete, Yello will still be your go-to support and maintenance contacts.

Bridging the divide

Wi-Fi usage increased by 80% during the coronavirus pandemic, with 45% of employed adults in the UK working from home.

Yello can help bridge the divide between office working and home working. With the option of providing your employees with the same high-class, fast internet connection you have at the office, into the homes of each of your employees.

Not only does this mean they can work just as well as if they were in the office, but it also helps to better connect people with the online world. Giving your employees a connection that they can use outside of office hours too and supporting the push of affordable connectivity for all.

Broadband and fibre

If you’d like to give your business or your employees top-class broadband, visit our Yello website to find out more. You can contact the Yello team on or call +44 (0) 116 224 4000.

Help provide strong Wi-Fi to keep connecting our businesses.

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