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Yello Telecommunications

One of the leading suppliers of telecoms solutions to UK businesses, Yello Telecommunications is, as you might imagine, the telecoms division of LA Micro Group. Offering telephony, broadband and network cabling solutions, Yello is the UK’s brightest telecoms provider. 

Acquired by LA Micro Group in 2017, Yello had already spent 10 years establishing itself as one of the leading suppliers of telecoms solutions to SMEs in the East Midlands. Since joining the group, the Yello brand has been completely refreshed and the product offering expanded. 

Working with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative service providers, Yello offers businesses of all sizes the very best in VoIP telephony solutions, business mobile and broadband plans, IP-CCTV systems and network & cabling design and installation. 

Telephone Systems

The VoIP communication solution for every business. Yello’s range of telephone systems are scalable for any size business. With the option for either on-site or hosted phone systems, you can have your business up and running as quick as a flash. With wallboards, auto attendant and CRM integration just three of a whole range of features, you know you’re getting the best solution for your business.  

Cabling & Networking

You could have the best broadband in the entire world, but if your network design and cabling is set up poorly, you’re not going to be seeing any of the advantages. Yello will design your entire network and install all your cabling, bespoke to your exact requirements. Even if you’re based in a listed building or there are 20 storeys, Yello will provide the design to optimise your connectivity needs.  

Internet Protocol CCTV

IP CCTV has bucketloads of advantages over your traditional, analogue CCTV systems, at a fraction of the price. Yello’s IP CCTV solutions offer highquality imagery with the ability to record in Full HD or 4K. These remote cameras offer storage through the device or external hard drives, While also allowing remote viewing from your smartphone from triggered alerts or recognition.  

Yello CCTV

Mobile Phones

Yello’s mobile phone plans have been designed with modern, connected businesses in mind, so you can provide each of your employees with the solutions to help them work effectively. Partnered with O2 and Vodafone, Yello offers a huge range of business mobile plans to suit your business requirements. The Business Sharer plan is most popular, which allows for complete flexibility of usage over all devices on the network.  

Broadband & Fibre

Yello engineers are broadband experts who have been laying fibre for over two decades. When it comes to installing your business broadband, Yello can recommend the best package for your business requirements, your physical office space, and your desired speeds. Offering business broadband solutions from ADSL, FTTC and FTTP, and even a dedicated leased line for uninterruptable connections.  

Yello EVE


eve is the communication platform that brings all your telephony services into one configurable system. Enabling your business to function as normal on the go, while working from home, or onsite. The eve portal gives business managers full control of features, so your calls and contacts are secure, and you benefit from real-time reporting of business activity and call recording.  

The Yello team has put together two working from home bundles

In our more flexible working norm, you need to ensure your business is ready and adaptable. Yello’s homeworker bundles allow for a seamless movement between home offices and the ‘actual’ office. So you can give your employees the solutions they need to work as productively as they can, whichever environment they’re in.

Discover Yello’s Laptop or Mobile bundles here. 

Yello Homeworker Bundles

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